Wool Compression Socks

wool compression socks are like socks on steroids. Basically, they’re socks that do more than just keep your feet warm and dry (that’s what normal socks are for). They’re actually designed to push the blood back up your legs, which reduces swelling and pain, prevents DVT, and can even help you get more oxygen when hiking or flying long distances. How they do this is by using a system of pressure, measured in millimeters of Mercury, or mmHg, to create different levels of compression. The sock is tightest at the toe, foot or ankle and gets looser up the leg toward your knee. This compression, also called graduated compression, reduces the size of veins and makes it easier for your body to move the blood up through your legs.

The result is a comfortable, soft and effective garment that can be worn by anyone. The natural merino wool provides warmth or coolness depending on the ambient temperature, keeps feet drier than cotton and stops odors while being naturally anti-microbial. Added to this is the advanced compression technology that combines a stay-put, blister-free guarantee fit in your boots and provides exceptional support.

This all adds up to a pair of socks that you’ll enjoy wearing, feeling better while you wear them and needing to wash them less often, saving you both time and money. This makes them great for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting or standing, including airline pilots and personnel, nurses and medical professionals, teachers, retail workers, salon and beauty professionals, drivers, construction workers and many others.






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