Wool Compression Socks – OTC

Our 15-20 mmHg Merino Wool Cushioned Compression – OTC is ideal for daily wear. Thermo-regulating, natural merino wool offers superior comfort and moisture management, repels dirt, and keeps you fresh and dry year-round. It also helps to wick away sweat and speed recovery, so your feet will be ready for the next adventure.

Like socks on steroids, compression socks (or “stockings,” if you’re a medical linguist) use gentle pressure to push blood back up your leg, which can help improve circulation and prevent symptoms of varicose veins and DVT. They also give you ankle and arch support, reduce swelling and fatigue, and improve postural stability. They’re great for anyone who spends long days on their feet, including airline pilots and crew, nurses and doctors, teachers, retail workers, salon and beauty professionals, and drivers and construction workers.

Merino wool is naturally anti-microbial and dries much faster than cotton, so it won’t allow the bacteria that causes stinky feet to grow in your shoes. That means you can go longer between washes, saving you time and effort, while keeping your feet clean, healthy and odor-free.

Many people try to alleviate foot and leg pain with methods such as massage, ice packs or a soak in the tub. But our wool compression socks take a preventative approach, helping you feel better and perform better, so you can keep doing what you love. And that’s what we call the ultimate win. wool compression socks






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