Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Be on YouTube

After Facebook, YouTube has the largest market share of social networking sites in the world. If you follow what is happening, you will find that search engines, such as Google, are responding to the importance of social media and they are aligning their products around it. For instance, Google is now indexing all of the tweets made on Twitter. They are also giving higher SEO rankings to websites and content that uses visuals

If you take a moment to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you will see hundreds, thousands, of images. A picture is worth a thousand words and imagery is becoming very important in marketing and promoting your brand on the Internet. And, that’s why YouTube is important and should not be overlooked. Create your own YouTube channel.

If you have not done so, adding YouTube to the promotion resources you regularly use will help you in your rankings on search engines and it will help you to engage with prospective supporters where they’re hanging out. It will also provide you with a great opportunity to show people and prospective supporters what you do!

Let Your Supporters See Your Story

YouTube provides you a platform to tell your story with no other filter but your own. Creating short videos for YouTube, which can also be cross promoted on your website and other social media such as Facebook and Twitter engages the public in a different way. While written content is important and people want to read, they also want to see. That’s the reason when you scroll through Facebook and Twitter you see so many pictures and videos. And, social media companies know of the importance of video, which is why you will find that these days, videos begin automatically without your pressing the button to start it. Video is only going to gain in importance in the coming years.

One Video Does Not A Presence Make

When you create videos for YouTube, you don’t just want to upload one video. While you may be lucky and it might get a lot of views, one video is not much of a story and with time it will get stale. Make it a point to develop a series of videos about the work you do and actively work to cross promote these videos. There was a time when making videos was a big investment of money. That’s no longer the case. Latest generation smart phones have very good video quality. So, although you want to make sure that your video does not look like amateur hour with grainy and blurry images, you can definitely shoot a good quality video with your phone if you don’t have much to invest.

It’s An Opportunity To Use Humor

I’ve written about humor in the past and the importance of it. I recognize the work many nonprofit and social enterprises do day in and day out is very serious. But, humor-done correctly-provides another way to tell a very serious story in an engaging way. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? While ALS is a very serious disease, the challenge engaged millions around the world in something fun that was ultimately an incredible opportunity for The ALS Association. If you look at the Movember Foundation, which promotes prostate cancer awareness and overall men’s health, you will see one of my favorite videos of a nonprofit using humor in excellent fashion. YouTube provides an opportunity to be able to engage individuals in a way that might be missed or fall flat if it were done with anything other than video.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Did you know that YouTube makes it easy for nonprofits to get started telling their story? By joining the YouTube Nonprofit Program, organizations are able to create their YouTube channel. Additional benefits include an opportunity for viewers of your videos to donate right from YouTube; overlays for calls to action on your videos; access to production facilities in New York or Los Angeles if you want to create your epic nonprofit video; and, technical support. Additionally, you will find guides from YouTube to help you be successful at promoting your nonprofit through this social media platform.

Organizations need to find multiple ways to promote themselves and engage with their supporters and the general public. YouTube is most certainly a way your nonprofit or social enterprise should consider as visual images and video become more important to digital marketing.

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