Why Take a Health and Safety Awareness Course?

Taking a health and safety awareness course is a great way to understand the basic principles of workplace health and safety. It is designed for those who work at a supervisory level and it helps to ensure that the responsibilities of both employers and employees are understood. The training will also look at the importance of carrying out risk assessments and how to report accidents in the workplace should an accident occur.

Often, work related accidents happen due to ignorance of how certain things could cause harm in a working environment. By learning about these hazards, you can recognise them and take appropriate measures to mitigate them. This will help to reduce the amount of workplace injuries and accidents that occur.

Employees who have undergone health and safety awareness training can focus more on their tasks without worrying about their own safety, leading to an increase in productivity. Moreover, a healthy work environment can lead to fewer healthcare costs and absenteeism, which in turn can save the business money.

The course will cover legislation regarding working in confined spaces and the legal requirements to be followed by those who are required to perform work activities within a confined space. The course will also cover some of the key hazards and risks associated with confined spaces as well as emergency procedures and rescue. Please note that this is only an awareness course – anyone who is required to enter a confined space will need additional practical training as well. health and safety awareness course






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