Wholesale Angel Figurines

Our angels and cherub gifts are perfect for adding a heavenly touch to any room. Shop for wholesale angel figurines in a variety of themes, styles and materials. Choose from sleeping angels, standing angels and kneeling angels. Let these beautiful reminders of the spirit inspire you and your loved ones.

Hand-Painted Resin Sculpted Angel Assortment

Designed by renowned artist Susan Lordi, this angel of harmony Willow Tree figurine is a wonderful way to honor the people in your life who bring balance and beauty to your world. The graceful angel holds a flute in her hands as she dances in the air and listens to the rhythm of life. This statuette is perfect for gift giving or as a beautiful decorative accent to your home or office.

The hand-painted resin angels have a warm gray wash with a lace recessed pattern on the bottom of their dress and wings. Messages read: Praying angel “Faith in the Lord means faith in His timing”; Holding hands angel “You are stronger than you realize and loved more than you know”; and holding bird angel “May heaven’s angels protect you and keep you safe”. 8 1/4″H x 4 3/4″W x 2 3/4″D.

These beautiful angels have slightly raised holly designs on their dresses with white distressed wings. One of the angels holds a cross and the other two have green wreaths with doves. These lovely angels are a perfect addition to your church or chapel decorations and also make beautiful gifts for any occasion. They are also a great gift for any Christian who loves angels.

White Dress Angel

Embrace the alluring charm of an angel with a collection that offers the perfect blend of ethereal-inspired touches intermixed with sultry form-fitting silhouettes. Mesmerize the party scene in an elegant white ensemble that includes a sparkling corset top paired with a mini skirt, or delve into the depths of mystery in a sultry black dress that perfectly captures the dark essence of an angel. Complete your look with breathtaking feather wings in white or black, perfectly aligned to your angel persona.

From history to fiction, angels have always captured the imagination of people from all around the world. Soar to new heights of heavenly style this Halloween with beaded tops, embellished dresses, long sleeve catsuits and more.

Green Dress Angel

The angel with a green dress is the perfect gift to celebrate supportive friendships. It is also a wonderful reminder to stay strong and carry on through difficult times. It makes a thoughtful present for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.

A peaceful and graceful angel in a green dress is the ideal gift to express your gratitude for the love of your life. Whether she is seated in a carved wood chair or standing on the edge of a pond, this elegantly painted angel will bring a sense of serenity to your home.

This charming angel with a pink fluffy cloud is a great way to show someone that you care and will always remember their special moments together. This figure is the perfect addition to any home or office décor.

Each animal-wearing Sonny Angel in this series comes with a different fur pattern, color and tail shape. With 12 types + 1 secret for a total of 13 types, half the fun is discovering which Sonny Angel you will get!

These Sonny Angel figures wear traditional Japanese lucky charms that are said to bring “healing” and “happiness”. Motifs like the Lucky Cat, Daruma doll and Raccoon Dog are adorably applied in this cute series. The packaging is designed with a ribbon in the image of a bouquet, making it easy to give as a gift.

Red Dress Angel

Robed in a stunning red dress, this heavenly tree topper holds a festive green garland with pinecones and berries. Framing her hand-painted face are magnificent wings crafted with natural feathers and strands of gold tinsel. This ornament-figurine has a loop for hanging and can also be displayed on a flat surface. Made in the Philippines from natural abaca and coconut fibers. Order yours today and add it to your collection of angel figurines. Makes a wonderful gift, too.






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