When to Hire an Electrician

Electricity is at the heart of every aspect of our lives. It lights rooms, runs critical appliances, powers our internet and keeps our homes at a comfortable temperature. While working with electricity isn’t generally a do-it-yourself type of project, there are times when it makes sense to call a Clearwater electrician for help.

For instance, if your circuit breakers keep tripping, the cause is likely an internal wiring issue. You may also want a professional to help with installing new outlets, switches or fixtures. In some cases, you might even need a home electrical inspection. Fortunately, there are many qualified electricians who can do all of these tasks for you.

When selecting an electrician, be sure they are licensed and insured to work on your home. It’s also important to ask them for a quote before hiring them to avoid any surprises later on. In addition, you should check that the electrician has valid credentials and a history of successful work in the area.

Founded in 1993, At Your Service Electric is a full-service residential electrician that offers services in Clearwater and nearby cities. Its state-certified electricians are experienced in repairing and remodeling a wide range of electrical systems in commercial and residential properties, including wiring, smoke detector installation and replacements, ceiling fan and exhaust fan installations, generator repairs, GFCI outlet troubleshooting, and panel and fuse upgrades and replacements. They are also experienced in installing speaker wires, phone jacks, and surge protection devices. Electrician Clearwater






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