What Is Judaica?

Judaica is a broad term that encompasses all of the symbolic pieces, jewelry and more that are used in certain Jewish rituals. Lots of stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, create and sell judaica that ranges from candle holders to kitchenware to kiddush cups. These are items that have special meaning to devout Jews and they often find that the more beautiful the item is, the more important it is to them.

Silver judaica is especially popular because of its beauty and high level of decorative form that goes beyond just the elemental value of the metal itself. Many of the items are also used during religious ceremonies and festivities, a practice known as mitzvahs, which can add extra spiritual significance to an already meaningful piece.

Some of the best examples of silver judaica are found at museums. For example, the Jewish Museum in Prague is home to an extraordinary collection of silver judaica that was used during celebrations and rituals throughout history. Jaroslav Kuntos, a historian who works at the museum, has written a book that details the history of each of these pieces in detail.

Other silver judaica is created by contemporary artists and sold at their stores or on their websites. One such artist is Robyn Nichols, a silversmith from Kansas City who has crafted alms boxes, Sabbath candlesticks and havdalah sets. She is not Jewish but she studies Judaism to make sure her designs have meaning and adhere to Jewish law. She has even consulted with rabbis for clarification and answers to questions that she has had about Judaica. silver judaica






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