What is a Shark Tooth?

Shark teeth offer a window into the evolutionary form and function of one of the ocean’s most powerful predators. Triangular, they are equipped with sharp edges and a fine sandpaper-like texture that equip sharks to seize, shred, and consume a wide variety of prey. Their specialized structure allows them to saw through tough skin, muscles, and tendons as well as bones.

When a permanent tooth comes in, it usually dissolves the root of the primary, or baby tooth above it allowing the baby tooth to loosen and eventually fall out. However, sometimes the adult tooth develops at an angle and instead erupts behind a baby tooth instead of in front of it. This is called a “shark tooth.” While these cases are rare, it’s important to recognize and treat them promptly to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth come in properly aligned.

If your child’s baby tooth doesn’t start to wiggle in the expected time frame, or appears to be stuck, contact our office for an exam and x-rays. We’ll evaluate if the baby tooth is developing properly and then will either provide at-home care instructions or recommend extracting it to allow the adult tooth to come in correctly. Regular assessments and early treatment will help your child avoid future orthodontic issues that require extensive treatments and costly procedures. Shark tooth






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