What Are Air Pistols?

Air pistols are air rifles that use compressed air or carbon dioxide instead of gunpowder to propel a projectile down the barrel. They are typically smaller and less powerful than pistols but still provide fun, accurate target shooting or pest control. They can also be used in some competitive shoots, though a licence is required for these.

They are available in long gun (air rifle) and handgun forms. Modern types of air gun generally propel metallic projectiles such as diabolo-shaped pellets or spherical shots called BBs, although fin-stabilized darts with tranquilizing drugs may also be launched from certain models. The best models develop about half the muzzle velocity of light firearms and are accurate enough for marksmanship practice and hunting small game at close ranges; some have been known to kill a coyote or similar animal.

The power of an air pistol can be varied by selecting a specific type of pneumatic (multi-stroke or multi-pump, or precharged pneumatic) or CO2 pellet gun that is designed for your needs. The size of the pistol should be considered as well; a smaller one will require fewer cylinders, but will be harder to hold in a tight grip for extended periods.

The power of an air pistol can also vary by cocking and firing mechanism. Most are spring-powered with either a coiled steel spring or, more recently, gas springs which compress air on firing, similar to centerfire ammunition. This provides a more realistic feel and allows the shooter to achieve greater accuracy, especially with heavier aimed loads. air pistols






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