Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Manufacturer of standard and custom bioplastic bags made with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resins. Capabilities include programming plastic to dissolve in cold or hot water and time-dependent dissolution. Products can be molded to specific sizes and designs and are used in food packaging, cleaning products, herbicides, dyes, chemicals, fertilizers, concrete additives and other applications. Services also include custom labeling, design, printing and packaging.

This company manufactures a line of disposable plastic bags that are designed to be completely biodegraded in the marine environment and do not cause harm to any organism. Bags can be printed with barcodes and a logo, and are available in many sizes. These bags are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic bags and help reduce waste. They can be used to package a variety of items, including:

Medical instrument disposal bags, commonly referred to as ‘water-soluble laundry bags’ are an ideal way to dispose of contaminated linens, equipment, hospital bed sheets and treatment appliances in hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions. By sealing the contaminated linen in a water-soluble bag prior to washing, sterilization and disinfection, the contaminant is separated from the clean laundry and disposed of through the normal hospital laundry process. The bags then dissolve during the wash cycle, leaving no polluting residue.

The composite water soluble film of the present invention may be incorporated into a laundry bag to prevent the spread of bacteria from soiled hospital linens, garments and bedding. The bag consists of a cold water soluble portion and a hot water soluble portion. The cold water soluble portion dissolves in the cold wash cycle while the hot water soluble portion subsequently opens upon elevation of the temperature during the hot water wash cycle. During the hot wash cycle, the remainder of the bag is then flushed away to a sewage disposal system.

These laundry bags are suitable for use in any cold or hot wash cycle, and offer an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution to the disposal of contaminated hospital linens, garments and bedding. They can be sealed with a resealable dispenser and are available in a range of sizes from 19″ x 22″ x.8 mil up to 36″ x 39″ x.8 mil. They can be purchased with or without a biohazard warning symbol and are also available in red and clear.

These bags are constructed of a non-toxic, clear, 2.75mil PVA bag with retail handle. They can be scanned with a barcode scanner and feature a clear, water-based ink. The bags are a great replacement for conventional PE or polypropylene bags and can be used in healthcare, hazardous waste facilities and commercial laundry services. They are also certified to be marine safe and ozone degradable by the LMPE laboratory in Italy. The bags are available in both single and bulk quantities. They can also be custom printed with a company’s logo or branding. They can be shipped to customers around the world. A wide variety of other medical, commercial and industrial textile supplies are also offered. water soluble bag manufacturers






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