Types & Rates of Marble Flooring in India

white serpeggiante marble is a wonderful transformative stone which is produced using the transformation of calcite,Guest Posting dolomite and different minerals and debasements under the world’s surface. These minerals and pollutions structure a marble’s tone and example. In this manner, there are wide assortments of marble accessible that vary in tones, examples and surfaces.

Prior to buying extravagance marble or some other use, it’s critical to do a few exploration on the kinds and costs of marble since each piece is extraordinary and the expense depends on something very similar. Here is a short look.

Beige Marble

Beige marble has a remarkable beige tone and it accompanies different sorts of examples. A common beige marble will ooze a delicate bread roll earthy colored tone with dim brown or dark examples. They are profoundly utilized for wall backsplash and restroom slows down however of late, they settle on a well known decision for deck.

Value: Rs. 200-Rs.500 per sq.ft

Earthy colored Marble
Earthy colored marble comes in different shades of hearty tans. From light brown with light surfaces to dull brown with profound and dim surfaces. There are various kinds of marble under the earthy colored marble classification. Earthy colored marble for home deck can do ponders for your inside.

Value: Rs. 300-500 for every sq.ft

Dark Marble
Dark marble come in tones of frosty dim to warm ones. They generally have white, silver, red or dark examples, these examples are shaped by different minerals from the dirt of Earth. Individuals frequently lean toward dim marble for ground surface and different regions like chimneys, ledges and baths.

Value: Rs. 300-500 for each sq.ft

Dark Marble
Dark marble comes in shades of dark yet with veiny white or silver examples, making them seem to be the night sky with a tempest. Since dark is a strong and tasteful variety, numerous business places incline toward dark marble for deck.

Value: Rs. 400-600 for every sq.ft

Onyx Marble
Onyx marble arrives in a variety of varieties. They fluctuate in shades of pink, green, blue, etc. Aside from colors, each sort of Onyx accompanies an example which is exceptional to every piece. They are a top decision on the off chance that you’re searching for an unpredictable and beautiful ground surface.

Value: Rs. 600-3000 for every sq.ft

An ordinary travertine marble piece has a smooth beige-ish earthy colored tone however that might fluctuate. You can likewise find travertine in gold and red tones. A few pieces have veiny designs while some don’t have designs yet surfaces all things being equal. They make an extraordinary choice for deck as well as for wall stylistic layout, ledges and backgrounds.

Value: Rs. 300-500 for each sq.ft

White marble is maybe the most well known marble. You can find white marble from various nations however the most pursued white marble comes from Italy. White marble costs might differ in light of the kind, design, variety and so forth. They are utilized for deck as well as for pretty much every space under the sun.

Value: Rs. 450-5000 for every sq.ft


The business standard cost for each marble type has been referenced previously. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the costs referenced are for 18mm thick marble sections. These can fluctuate starting with one vender then onto the next.

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