Types of in Home Nursing Care in Toronto

When a senior or elderly loved one needs care in the home, they need help with daily activities that may be difficult for them to do on their own. This may include bathing, dressing, or taking medications. They may also need help with housework, shopping for food, or preparing meals. There are many options for home health care in Toronto that can be customized to meet the individual’s needs. Home health care services are available through private companies, community organizations and through government subsidies.

A home healthcare nurse conducts an initial assessment of the person’s health needs and can recommend the appropriate level of care. This usually includes a conversation with the family and the client about their lifestyle habits, needs and goals. The nurse will also examine the senior to determine their current level of functioning.

Home care services are often covered by government funding in Ontario. People who need home care can contact their Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to find out if they qualify for government-funded services. If they do, the LHIN will arrange for a Personal Support Worker to come to their home to provide assistance. The hourly rate for a personal support worker in Ontario is between $28 and $35.

If a senior has very serious health needs and can no longer live at home alone, they may need to move into a Long-Term Care Home. This is a facility that offers 24-hour nursing and custodial care in a secure environment. It is funded by the government but residents pay an accommodation fee to cover their living expenses.

Whether it is for short-term or long-term care, a family member will benefit from the assistance of a home health care professional. These professionals can help a senior stay in their own home while helping them to get more out of life. They can also provide respite for caregivers who need time to take a break.

In addition to specialized health care, other types of home care include assistance with housework, meal preparation and transportation. Some caregivers are able to provide physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy. They can also assist with medical equipment and supplies. A Certified Nursing Aide can assist with basic care and mobility. They can help with bathing, grooming, and eating and can prepare meals according to a senior’s dietary needs. They can also run errands for the senior and help them keep in touch with friends and relatives. They can also make sure that the senior is following their doctor’s orders regarding medication and exercise. in home nursing care toronto






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