Types of Greek Food and Wine

One of the main beauties of the world is how different we are to one another. We each have our own nationality, language, culture heritage and foods music and customs which are instantly recognizable. Within Greece, food and wine is a much loved part of life which derives from the ancient times and family customs. However, in the beginnings, food was not just simply enjoyed to survive and satisfy ourselves. During Ancient Greece, food was often sacrificed to the Gods before consumed and on other occasions, some foods were even shunned if it was believed that the Gods did not like them. Nowadays, many of us are aware of the different traditional foods which are enjoyed by the Greeks due to tourism and trends in eclectic foods. However, if you are interested in learning more about the types of wine and wine enjoyed by the Greeks, below is a list of some of the delights you can hope to find.

A vast majority of Greek foods incorporate vital ingredients such as olive oil, meats such as lamb, and vegetables. However, Greek cuisine is renowned for being flavorsome and fresh, incorporating a wide range of spices, meats and vegetables. Similar to some other cultures, the Greeks believed that food can help some common ailments, such as Avgolemono which is a soup made from chicken broth, lemon juice eggs and rice. This is a common food enjoyed within Greece in when recovering from common colds or when trying to stave off illness. Desserts are a popular course with many in Greece and Loukoumades is a main ingredient within many sweets dishes. Loukoumades is a type of Greek pastry which is made from a mixture of yeast, sugar, eggs, flour and nutmeg and is often garnished with honey, sugar and cinnamon. Filo pastry is also popular using the infamous Baklava dessert which is native to Greece.

One of Greece’s most popular and well known dishes is Moussaka. Moussaka is similar to a casserole and combines eggplant, potatoes, red wine and onions although it is not uncommon for some form of meat to be used within the recipe also. Meat is incorporated into many main Greek meals and dishes such as Souvlaki, which is similar to a skewered kebab, are favored by many Greek tourists. Vegetables are also thoroughly loved by the Greeks and so plenty of fresh, seasonal vegetables are incorporated into meals as often as possible either as a side dish or as part of the main meal. Greek salads, or Horiatiki, are also popular as a side dish with most main meals. Typically, we associate salads to include some form of lettuce with a variety of salad vegetables and dressing. Greek salad is different in that it is primarily made up of vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, onions, feta cheese and olive oil and seasoning. Traditionally, lettuce is rarely used within Greek salads. In additional to salads, pita bread is a common side dish with main meals with an array of dips available such as yoghurt, garlic and cucumber.

Along with food, wine is thoroughly enjoyed by the Greeks and has been since Ancient Greece where it was recognized as the drink of the Gods. Within Greece there are over 300 different blends of Greek wine from red, white and blanc de gris varieties which are loved by locals and tourists alike. One of the most popular wines within Greece is the Retsina which is a white or rose wine. Although favored by many Greeks, it is less popular with tourists due to the resin mixed in which gives it a distinct taste. Red is a popular wine in Greece, in particular Brusco, or dry red house wine and Xinomavro, or acid black wine, which is a deep red wine produced in the northern part of Greece. This is a popular wine as it ages well and provides a rich, woody flavor and aroma. One of the most popular red wines within the island is Agiorghitiko which is named after St. George. The Agiorghitiko grape grows in the Peloponnese area and possesses a cherry flavor with a slight hint of spice.

There is no denying that when it comes to being passionate about food and wine, the Greeks are some of the best. Boasting a flavorsome, delicious buffet of cuisine which is rich in culture and history, a trip to Greece is guaranteed to not only have you in awe of the history and culture you can experience in terms of its architecture, etc but also in terms of the exquisite food you will be introduced to. best wine tours in Willamette Valley






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