Top 5 Birthday Cake Deliveries

If you have a special someone’s birthday coming up but you won’t be celebrating with them, sending them something sweet is a great way to show them you care. These companies that offer cake deliveries will deliver a broad range of mouthwatering treats right to their door so you can give them a sweet surprise on their big day.

Whether you’re looking for a classic vanilla birthday cake or a more colorful option, we’ve found the best online options for delivery. These bakeries have a wide variety of cakes to choose from and most will allow you to personalize the writing on the top or add a photo for an extra special touch.

David’s Cookies is famous for its cookies, but the bakery offers much more including delicious cake. Their cake is moist, delicious and they even have a rainbow cake that looks like a traditional vanilla layer cake until you cut it and reveal red, orange, yellow, green and purple frosting layers. This is a true showstopper that would make any recipient’s birthday special.

In addition to birthday cake, David’s has plenty of other specialty desserts to choose from. Their cheesecakes are a hit with customers and they also have a number of different cake bundles that are perfect for gifting. You can send a Junior Devil’s Food Cheesecake for your favorite chocolate fan or the 4-Flavor Cheesecake Sampler for those who enjoy a bit of everything.

The baker behind Oprah’s favorite red velvet cake, Carousel Cakes, has a few different cakes available for local delivery in New York City. They also ship nationwide through Goldbelly, which is a go-to clearinghouse for gourmet food gifts and desserts. Their cake options include the Classic Birthday Cake (a vanilla layer with vanilla frosting) and the Tiramisu Classico. If you’re looking for a more whimsical option, they also have Carousel Cakes that are loaded with candy and treats and come in sizes to fit everyone’s appetite.

This family-owned bakery is another one that delivers a quality cake. They have a few options for birthdays, including the no-frills Vanilla Birthday Cake and the two-tier Rainbow Birthday Cake that will definitely be the talk of the party. Their cakes are baked fresh and shipped to you within a few hours of ordering.

Aside from their delicious cake, this bakery is known for its other delectable treats, like world-famous banana pudding, pies, cupcakes and seasonal/holiday sweets. You can choose a pre-set message and frosting color on most of their cakes, but they will let you customize the writing if you want.

This retailer is well-known for its impressive gift baskets but they also have a good selection of cakes to choose from, including a no-frills chocolate cake, the five-star Rose Cake and a gluten-free Vanilla Birthday Cake. They also have a Best Sellers Cake Slice Sampler for those who can’t decide on a single flavor. This company ships a broad range of their cakes throughout the country, and you can even add on a personalized box for an additional charge. birthday cake deliveries






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