The Weird and Wonderful World Of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears have been around for more than 100 years, however that doesn’t prevent planners and designers from concocting strange better approaches for utilizing, adjusting, or (now and again) obliterating them!
From the creative to the kitsch, the universe of Teddy Bears is brimming with imaginative groundbreaking thoughts, going from the superbly contacting, to the out and out unusual!

The Teddy Bear Gun

Shockingly, this isn’t a joke! This Japanese ‘toy’ has really been intended to make life more straightforward at your wedding! Rather than tossing confetti at the lady and lucky man, the Japanese go above and beyond and toss Teddy Bears!

Normally, somebody some place in Japan understood that this custom could be made a ton simpler on the off chance that they had a weapon to ‘toss’ the Teddy Bears for them, thus made the Teddy Bear Gun.
This contraption- – created by Japanese paintball weapon producers, Sunamiya- – uses the science behind their paintball firearms to push the Teddy Bear through a straightforward barrel, high out of sight with a basic ‘click’ of the trigger.

Luckily, no Teddy Bears are harmed with the utilization of such a contraption as each bear is fitted with their own smaller than usual parachute, so they coast securely and effortlessly back sensible to wish the lady and man of the hour well on their excursion.

USB Teddy Bear

Believe it or not, an information putting away Teddy Bear! At a first look this is only an ordinary, charming Teddy Bear, however when you pull its head off (Yes, you are expected to execute this unfortunate teddybär it out of nowhere turns into a USB memory stick, with the head going about as the cap.
When connected, it seems like the Teddy Bear is being sucked into your PC! Unfortunate thing. Perhaps somebody had a score to settle? We’re not excessively certain when, or regardless of whether these Teddy Bears will hit available. So on the off chance that you don’t want to hold back to find out, it can’t be that difficult to pull separated one of your much cherished cuddly toys…

The Huggable

The ‘Huggable’ Teddy Bear certainly squeezes into our ‘great’ classification!

This Teddy Bear is being created to go about as a mechanical ally for the evil, old or weak who can’t partake within the sight of genuine creatures, and the advantages this can bring. The possibility of the ‘Huggable’ was brought into the world after clinical preliminaries demonstrated that creatures can lessen feelings of anxiety in patients, however some-because of sensitivities or nearby limitations are not capable, or permitted to approach such creatures.

Utilizing the most recent sensate-skin innovation, cameras in the eyes, receivers in the ears, remote innovation and information assortment procedures, the Teddy Bear has been cleverly intended to answer contact in the manner a genuine creature would, and afterward impart in a fitting way.

The point is to give a supportive device to mind suppliers that is sincerely satisfying and gives genuine, quantifiable medical advantages to patients. This must be the most exceptional, ground breaking, innovatively stuffed Teddy Bear we’ve at any point seen!

Teddy Bear MP3 Player

Interesting to Teddy Bear fans the world north of, a clever little Teddy Bear MP3 player, equipped for putting away 128mb of sound, with a USB association, and a liberal $78 sticker price, appears to be set to become one of the most helpful and useful Teddy Bears accessible, without settling on charm.
Made by Tomy, and tipping the scales at just 50g (barring battery), this fairly retro looking item will present you to 8 hours of playback from a solitary AA battery!

Teddy Bear Chair

As delicate and as encouraging as a ‘genuine’ Teddy Bear, this unusual Teddy Bear Chair was planned by furniture planner Matti Klenell. Ideal for any Teddy Bear darling searching for something else entirely to outfit their home with, ‘Mido’ is an upholstered Easy Chair, molded like a Teddy Bear, initially showed at the Agate Gallery, Stockholm as a component of a great independent presentation.

The Evil Spy Robot Teddy Bear

No, this isn’t the most recent military task, yet a Teddy Bear fitted with the most recent and most trend setting innovation. The Teddy Bear is being created to answer the Teddy Bear’s proprietors’ voice, developments and, surprisingly, looks!

With Microsoft displaying a cutting edge Spy Robot Teddy Bear at the TechFest exchange fair, the stage looks set for additional speculation and improvement into clever Teddy Bears equipped for recording snapshots of your kid’s day, perusing them a book, and in any event, associating with a parent’s framework in a far off area to empower them to ‘program a collection for a kid’. The conceivable outcomes appear to be unfathomable!

At first, this Teddy Bear was intended to evidently follow somebody’s development around a room, yet from that point forward, the entire venture has detonated, and tentative arrangements for the Teddy Bear will take this toy to an astonishing degree of complexity.

The Creepy Teddy Bear

This might be the most bizarre and most upsetting Teddy Bear I’ve at any point run over, and openings into our ‘abnormal’ classification impeccably!

Called the to some degree consoling ‘TeddyBearBand’, this ‘cuddly toy’ was shockingly planned by Philippe Starck who guarantees that ‘an excess of toys encourages disloyalty’ in kids, driving him to make this sort of half and half of Teddy Bears/delicate toys that evidently addresses a kid’s all’s issues!

With this Teddy Bear having a rabbit for a hand, and a canine for a foot, it unquestionably packs a larger number of creatures into a cuddly toy than the typical Teddy Bear, yet I’m stressed over the fantasies I’ll have this evening in the wake of seeing this thing, let along the impact it’ll have on a small kid.

The Teddy Bear Remote Control

This marginally odd-looking Teddy Bear, planned by the inventive fashioner Leah Culver, bends over as a generally useful controller.

While keeping up with it’s delicate quality and youngster like allure, this Teddy Bear makes a shockingly compelling, completely utilitarian controller. Crush the Teddy Bear’s chest to play/stop your program or film, and change the volume with a delicate spot of the ear.

We truly like this one! Marginally unusual, yet in addition fairly awesome!

GPS Navigation Teddy Bear

This shameless however fun GPS-fitted Teddy Bear (Navirobo) sits on your dashboard and guides you to your objective. However, paradise prohibit on the off chance that you mess up, for your cuddly buddy – who even truly does a little dance when you at last arrive at your objective – will ridicule you!

This is an extraordinary, laugh uncontrollably Teddy Bear, planned and made in (you got it!) Japan, will be an incredible expansion to your dashboard that will make your long excursions home undeniably less dreary!

‘You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog’

At the point when Barney the watchman canine went out of control at Wookey Hole Caves, it was no conventional Teddy Bear that became one of her casualties

Mabel, made in Germany in 1909, who recently had a place with, as a matter of fact, the King himself- – Elvis Presley- – lay mortally injured, encompassed by the remaining parts of very nearly 100 uncommon Teddy Bears, obliterated by the foul-tempered Doberman Pinscher.

The Teddy Bears were borrowed at the hour of the assault, showed at Wookey Hole Caves, Somerset. Mabel- – purchased for $40,000 by Sir Benjamin Slade, an ardent authority of Elvis memorabilia- – was, of course, the star fascination.
Barney, who should monitor the Teddy Bear assortment, worth over £400,000 was wrestled to the ground among the remaining parts of the Teddy Bears, with “Heads pulled off, arms, legs to a great extent, it was an all out slaughter, as a matter of fact. I’ve never seen such a wreck, there was stuffing, cushion and bear bits all over.”

Sir Benjamin was, naturally, not best satisfied!

Do our Teddy Bears have sentiments as well?

With such countless abnormal and great things occurring in the Teddy Bear world, it makes you puzzle over whether our cuddly companions have sentiments and feelings of their own. What might they come up with the insane thoughts we have for Teddy Bears? Do they come conscious around evening time and recall our snapshots of brutality?

Maybe it is in some cases a fact that we structure associations with the lifeless things that we encircle ourselves with and at last refine our Teddy Bears, and by doing this, we start regarding them as though they have human feelings torment, dread, love. In any event, around here at Funky Bears, we’re certain the insane Teddy Bear creations will proceed, and we can hardly stand by to see the following bizarre or magnificent thoughts that individuals in a similar industry as ourselves will think of!






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