The Press Club – Delectable Current Greek Food


The Press Club was casted a ballot Best New Eatery and the proprietor/head culinary expert George Calombaris was casted a ballot best Cook of the Year for 2008 by The Age Great Food Guide.

The Press Club is really a Cutting edge Greek café. It is inside the previous Messenger and Week by week Times expanding on Flinders Road which is a structure made of strong dim stone.

It appeared to be odd and awkward to have a Greek eatery in such a cutting edge setting as I am so used to having Greek food in casual encompasses, being Greek that implies home, a companions house or a bar.

There are enormous windows by and large around the structure and looking in; the tables, all very dull in variety again appeared to be a piece odd. I thought how bizarre it is that we would have been eating a Greek dinner in such a complex, formal setting.

On the walkway right external the entryway was a sparkling gold fold board publicizing the café. It seemed to be something Marie Antoinette would have outside her room entryway declaring she was in!

We were here because for my mom who really loves George Calombaris who shows up on her number one show Prepared, Consistent Cook. We she figured out he had his very own eatery we as a whole needed to go.

We opened the huge weighty glass entryway, moved forward the dull wooden steps and into the café. We were energetically welcomed and afterward situated right by the entryway the widow cliquot. However, we were alright. My mom was energized on the grounds that we were at long last here.

I was covertly stressed as here was an eatery serving my family food that my mom makes at home. Nobody cooks better compared to Mamma. It would be wise to be great. The fact that we would have Kerasma makes it closed. It is the name of their four course lunch dinner. Everybody shares from the plates as is conventional in any Greek bar.

First up came a platter of food on a huge wooden board. It had a wide range of home made plunges which is the best way to eat them, exquisite Kalamata olives – my #1 and pita bread. All delightful.

The plate was left on our table as the following course emerged.

It was the fish course. It had totally scrumptious cuts of whiting cooked as I recollect them in Greece. So scrumptious. There were likewise little prawns broiled in their shells and eaten entirety. I was a piece doubtful however they were staggeringly great as well. This course brought back recollections of food I ate in Greece. Continuously longing for Greece. The recollections were flooding back and all I needed to do was get on the following trip out!






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