The Medical Beauty Industry

The Medical Beauty Industry
As the field of aesthetics grows into its own sub-specialty within medicine and social media continues to play a major role in how younger generations view their cosmetic appearance, a growing emphasis on enhancing natural features is gaining ground. Practitioners who specialize in regenerative skincare are well-positioned to serve their clients, as younger patients are more interested in treatments that produce results that look natural and enhance existing features rather than simply “turning back the clock.” With increased interest in appreciating diversity and individuality, younger patients may be seeking practitioners who can help guide them through realistic expectations and what is attainable and will complement their unique features.

With this in mind, it is important for consumers to seek out practitioners and brands that are open about the definition of “medical grade.” Many medical-grade products have higher potency levels than their consumer counterparts due to extensive clinical testing and adhering to FDA regulations. Those seeking to achieve real results should also look for skincare formulas that contain active ingredients that are stabilized in order to remain effective even when the product is exposed to heat and sun exposure.

One of the best-known and trusted medical-grade skin care brands is Obagi. The brand uses powerful cosmetic ingredients and technology to encourage healthy skin for all complexions. Another popular brand stocked in medical aesthetics clinics is ZO Skin Health, which features multi-modal formulations and delivery systems to achieve optimum skin health. For those who prefer a less invasive approach, the PCA Skin line of products offers serums that stimulate skin regeneration with snow algae, which is tough enough to survive harsh environmental conditions.






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