The Many Types Of Bamboo Floor

There are well over one thousand different kinds of bamboo on this earth and most of them will make the perfect flooring for your home or any other home. Your bamboo floors will look just like any other hardwood flooring but it will be even better because you know that it will hold up over the years much better and it is far better for the environment.

What makes bamboo the perfect solution to our tree shortage is that it will grow back perfectly even without being planted. In just a few short years this plant is mature and many feet high. If we all switched to bamboo and cut back on our use of wood we would no longer have to cut down the rainforests and we would still be able to build homes and have plenty of wood.

There are several top importers of bamboo floors in America and they have the corner on the market. These men and women were thinking ahead and they saw the value in a market that others simply scoffed at. The vast majority of the bamboo that we get here in North America is going to come from China but more and more counties are starting to experiment with growing their own bamboo to export.

Bamboo flooring is strong and gorgeous and most importantly it is durable. In fact this kind of flooring is even more attractive than your regular run of the mill wood flooring that is why it is gaining in popularity so quickly all over the world. While there is many different species of bamboo grown all over the world, only some are able to be turned into good quality flooring. Moso, for example, is one of the top choices among manufacturers because it can grow in excess of 40-50 feet after only one single year. That kind of growth rate is unheard of in trees.

These reasons and many more combine to make a bamboo floor the best choice for any home these days. When you choose bamboo you are making a wise and informed decision that will change the way that you see the world. men’s bamboo sock






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