The Little Prince Quotes

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic novella The Little Prince is one of those books that’s never really out of style. It’s an enduring tale that criticizes the ways adults view the world and insists that children are better at understanding its beauty and mystery. It’s a book that we should all read and reread as we go through life. Here are some of our favorite the little prince quotes that will remind you to see things from a new perspective.

One of the most beautiful and powerful quotes from the little prince is this: “What makes a rose so special is that you have to stop and smell it.” Whether it’s an object, a person, or a moment in time, we should take the time to fully appreciate all the beauty that life has to offer us.

When we invest ourselves in a relationship, it grows in value and becomes more meaningful and memorable. This quote from the little prince teaches us that the best relationships are those that are rooted in mutual respect, shared values, and a commitment to a greater purpose.

Throughout The Little Prince, the narrator encounters the little prince who hails from a tiny planet, which the narrator thinks is asteroid B-612. The prince spends much of his time pulling up baobab seedlings that, if they are left unattended, will eventually grow large enough to engulf his small home. The prince asks the narrator to take his message of caution to anyone who might visit his planet and urge them to keep an eye out for any problems that may grow too big for their control.






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