The Fire Fighting Pump Is a Vital Piece of Equipment for Fire Departments

The fire fighting pump is a vital piece of equipment for fire departments. It has to be able to provide both the volume and the pressure required to adequately supply fire suppression challenges on the fireground. This includes the sprinkler demand of the buildings being protected by the fire system, as well as additional water demands such as for foam systems or standpipe demand. The fire pump must also be sized to handle the anticipated flow rate of long hoselines used in wildland firefighting and in industrial applications.

A fire pump is typically a centrifugal pump and can be either single or two-stage. The decision to select a single or a two-stage pump should be based on the needs of a fire department, such as the number of floors in the highest building they protect, the typical suction and discharge hose diameters and lengths on the truck, as well as the types of nozzles used by a particular incident commander at the scene. These factors, combined with the incoming hydrant pressure, will help determine whether a high-capacity single-stage fire pump will be capable of meeting a particular situation’s water requirements.

For larger fires, a high-capacity centrifugal fire pump that produces a NFPA 1901 rated flow of up to 2250 gpm may be needed. This pump has a one-piece body that is easy to access, reducing maintenance and downtime. In addition, it has an innovative gearbox that reduces piping requirements and allows the pump to be driven by a PTO, drive shaft or split shaft, making this a versatile pump for many different applications. fire fighting pump






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