The Electronic Analytical Balance Price

The electronic analytical balance price is an instrument that can measure mass accurately and detect fine increments of change in weight. These sensitive balances are used in a wide variety of applications in labs and quality control settings where even minuscule variations can have a significant effect. A variety of advanced features help eliminate sources of error and interference that can impact meticulous weighing processes. They are ideal for a number of demanding applications such as density determination, differential weighing and formulation.

METTLER TOLEDO XPR Excellence Series Analytical Balances are Designed for Right-First-Time Results
The intelligent XPR Excellence series features a range of smart functions to simplify everyday weighing tasks and reduce user fatigue. The patented StaticDetect(tm) system quickly and automatically detects static charges on samples that may interfere with correct results. It can be paired with an optional ionizing module to fully eliminate static charge inside the weighing chamber. Intelligent features like StatusLight(tm), LevelControl and GWP Approved work together to ensure that all the conditions for correct weighing are satisfied before the results are displayed.

METTLER TOLEDO ME-T Series Analytical Balances offer Essential Functionality and Solid Performance
ME-T laboratory balances feature a large, optimized color touchscreen display that can be operated with gloves on. Their durable MonoBloc weighing cell is fast and reliable, featuring Mettler Toledo’s ProFACT automatic internal adjustment functionality. The metal base and high quality finish make ME-T lab balances robust and reliable enough for challenging environments. The easy-to-use touchscreen interface provides simple operation and a clear, consistent view of all weighing data. A number of useful functions include MinWeigh (which keeps the reading red until a minimum weight is reached), AutoCal(tm) and External Calibration with Weight Set. electronic analytical balance price






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