The Best Employee Communication Apps for the Remote Workplace

In a workplace where most employees work remotely, having the right communication app is crucial. It can help build team relationships and encourage two-way dialogue. These apps can also boost productivity and improve collaboration.

Workvivo is a communication tool that uses a newsfeed-style social experience to assist boost employee engagement and retention. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use and understand. It is especially useful for frontline workers and remote teams.


Slack is an instant messaging and communication app that combines conversations, data, apps and tools into one virtual space. The program also offers file sharing and document analytics, which can significantly streamline productivity.

Its search function allows users to find starred messages, files, snippets and posts. It also has an option to add emoji reactions, RSS feeds, and more. The platform also has the capability to connect with videoconferencing software like Zoom.

Glip is a collaboration tool that focuses on more than just messaging. It provides a centralized workspace that helps teams stay organized with access to shared project calendars and group discussions. It also offers an integrated polling feature that can help gauge meeting responses, boost team morale, and improve project management. It also integrates with Google Drive, allowing teams to share and discuss documents instantly.

Workforce Insights

Workforce Insights is a powerful tool for understanding your workforce and supporting strategic workforce decisions. It puts sophisticated data analytics directly into the hands of HR users, so they can ask and answer their most critical questions.

For example, one company wanted to know how comfortable their employees were working from home. By comparing survey responses on comfort with their employee’s attributes, they were able to identify characteristics that helped people adapt to working from home.

To enable Workforce Insights, go to any dashboard and create a chart with Workforce Insights data in the Measurements modal. Select “Flow chart” from the available options, then click Done.


Trello is a powerful project management app with over 50 million users and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The app is available on all devices and is free to use. However, if you want to use the full feature set, there are paid packages for teams and businesses of up to ten people.

Each card in Trello can be customized to display tasks, due dates and custom labels. It also includes a feature that allows you to add links to third-party apps and share editable documents. The app also integrates with Slack, which enables you to communicate with team members in real-time.

Another great feature is the ability to link GitHub commits and branches to Trello cards, which makes it easier for developers to manage projects. The tool is ideal for planning and managing development teams, especially when working on a remote basis.


Fuze is an intuitive unified communications and contact center platform that offers businesses enterprise voice, meetings, modern messaging, and analytics. The software enables teams and departments to collaborate and communicate with one another, regardless of location or device.

Fuze offers users a unique and modern experience, combining real-time video and audio communication with feature-rich messaging capabilities. Moreover, its unified communications platform is easy to use for mobile-first employees.

Its new one-click call joining functionality allows you to connect meetings from multiple solutions including Zoom, Webex, GoogleMeeting, and Microsoft Teams. Additionally, its expanded Microsoft Teams integration includes flexible direct routing through Fuze, and enhanced access to calls in the Fuze app. It also includes the Fuze dial pad and directory, and enhanced Microsoft Teams call history and call insights.


Simpplr is a delightful social intranet software that boosts employee communication and knowledge management. Its features include an employee directory, activity feed, events calendar and content archiving. It also allows you to collect real-time feedback through micro-surveys embedded alongside posts. This data is then fed into an AI, which surfaces hidden workplace sentiment.

The platform helps employees find clarity, inspiration and belonging. It has many features that support the evolving workforce, including pulse surveys, recognition shoutouts and milestone celebrations. Its user interface is easy to navigate and can be administered without the need for IT or technical oversight.

Customers from various industries have experienced strong ROI with the platform. For instance, a trucking company increased employee engagement by 253% after using Simpplr. The platform is available as a web application or a mobile employee communication apps






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