The Benefits of Family Mediation

Family mediation focuses on the parties’ main concerns and finding possible solutions to those issues. The goal is to find workable arrangements that are tailor-made for the specific circumstances of each family. This allows the flexibility that a court-imposed solution is unable to provide.

A successful resolution is usually reached within a single session or a few sessions over a time period chosen by the participants. It is a much faster and cheaper process than litigation. In addition, the participants are usually able to choose their mediator, which adds to the overall effectiveness of the mediation process.

During mediation, the participants are encouraged to communicate openly and cooperatively while remaining focused on their goal of reaching a resolution that is in their best interest and the best interests of their children. Mediation is often a very emotional experience and it is not uncommon for people who begin a session embroiled in extreme tension to end the session reminiscing about shared happy family memories.

Bringing plenty of pre-written notes about what you want to say and all relevant paperwork to your mediation session is very helpful. Being well rested and not arriving at your session feeling too stressed can also help you to focus more effectively during the mediation. It is also a good idea to consider consulting with an attorney before you participate in your mediation, although some people prefer to go into the process without an attorney, or at least to pause their litigation for some time while participating in mediation.






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