The Basics of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is a game played by people who are divided into teams and compete in games of different kinds to win. It’s a great way to develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills, while getting some exercise and socializing with other people. The game is often played on dedicated battlefields or indoor arenas, and players wear protective gear including eye protection.

There are a number of airsoft gun varieties on the market, from simple pistols to high-end sniper rifles. The guns differ in how they propel the BB, which can be modified by upgrades to improve accuracy and power. The basic method involves some sort of pressurized gas that powers a piston to pneumatically propel the pellet down the barrel. The guns may be manually cocked (spring guns, commonly called springers) or automatically cycled by a battery-powered electric motor and gearbox assembly (e.g. AEG guns).

Whether they are powered by propane or carbon dioxide, airsoft guns can be upgraded with a hop-up system to adjust the trajectory of the pellets. The system works by forcing the wall of a rubber tube, called a bucking, into contact with the upper path of the pellet before it enters the inner barrel. A variety of different buckings are available, and the stiffness of the rubber can be adjusted.

Many countries have a set velocity limit for the pellets that are used in airsoft, which can help prevent injuries caused by high-energy bullets at close ranges. The muzzle velocity is usually tested using a chronograph, and a gun that exceeds the limits may be confiscated.






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