Spider-Gwen Realistic Mask

Whether she’s Spider-Gwen, Ghost-Spider, or any of the other dozen or so versions of her in the Multiverse, Gwen Stacy is all about family. She adores her twin brother Peter and treats him like an older brother. She is also incredibly close to her parents who were always supportive of her decision to be a superhero. And, she’s a great friend to Miles Morales as shown in the film ‘Across The Spider-Verse’.

While Gwen was working to save her father, she found herself pulled out of her own dimension by Kingpin’s Super-Collider into another one where she would meet Miles and a variant version of her deceased best friend. She was immediately welcomed into the Spider-Gang and became a mentor for Miles. In the process, she also gained a newfound love interest in him as well.

As a member of the Spider-Society, Gwen was unofficially mentored by Jessica Drew and looked to her for guidance as she took on various missions. She also had a bootleg version of the Multiversal Gizmo that was gifted to her by Hobie Brown, which allowed her to maintain stability in alternate dimensions and travel between them with ease.

While battling the Lizard as Spider-Woman, Gwen accidentally kicked her opponent into a pillar which caused the entire building to collapse on top of him. Upon discovering his body, Gwen cried out to her father who told her it was not her fault and she should not blame herself for the death of a hero. spider gwen realistic mask






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