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Spartan has been recently identified as a DNA replication guard that protects against TLS-associated mutagenesis. Spartan promotes monoubiquitination of PCNA and recruits the ATP-dependent segregase p97 to DNA damage sites. This lesion bypass function depends on the putative active site of the SprT domain and partially on its PIP, UBZ4, and SHP domains.

Drain Cleaning Equipment

Whether your floor drain is stopped up, or your sewer line is backing up into your home causing foul smells and clogs, we have the equipment to get it cleaned. Our drain and sewer jetting equipment, also known as hydro-jetting, uses extreme water pressure to break down and remove clogs in drain lines.

The 502 Spartan machine has a motor-driven cable drum that normally contains a drain cleaning snake or “snake.” One end of the snake extends through the front opening of the spindle and the other ends of the snake are coiled in the cable drum.

The ‘401 Patent discloses a feed control device for use with a drain cleaner apparatus such as that described in the ‘588 and ‘905 Patents. The feed control device is attached to the cable drum and a power feed is connected to the other end of the cable. The ‘401 Patent claims that the feed control device permits an operator to axially move the cable coiled in or out of the drum without having to manually pull or push the cable relative to the drum.

Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Spartan Tools provides powerful drain cleaning equipment for residential and commercial services. Their hydro jetting machines work at 4,000 PSI and produce eighteen gallons per minute of pressurized water. This allows them to remove any obstructions and clear your pipes of hardened grease, rust, and other debris.

A video recording system is used to inspect your sewer lines with a snake-like end that looks for clogs and blockages. Then hose equipment is used to break them up. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to clear a drain or sewer line.

Zoom Drain, a leading operator and franchisor of drain and sewer services, was awarded the customer of the year award at this year’s WWETT show by Spartan Tool. The company has a long-standing relationship with the equipment manufacturer and works together to focus on their customers’ needs. They are known for their quality and reliability. The company focuses on providing the right equipment for the job, so that their customers can concentrate on getting the job done well.

Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Spartan Tool’s wide range of drain and sewer cleaning equipment helps technicians locate, diagnose and remove blockages. Some of the equipment we offer includes air-burst drain cleaners, which use pressurized air or carbon dioxide to disintegrate clogs, as well as hydraulic auger or snake cleaners that physically cut into and pull out clogs.

Another option is hydro-jetting, which uses high-pressure water to eliminate the conditions that lead to clogs. Hydro-jetting is a great preventative maintenance tool for drain lines that are regularly exposed to potentially clogging contaminants.

An auger-type drain cleaner, also called a snake cleaner, is motor-driven and comprises a drum that normally contains a cleaning cable or “snake.” The snake is fed through the drum opening with a feed control mechanism. A tubular casing covers the cable and extends to the reaction member at the outward end of the pipe. The reaction member includes a corkscrew-like end that cuts into the clog and pulls it out. spartan tool houston






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