Solar Energy Solutions

About Solar Energy Solutions

Converts sunlight directly into electricity, powering homes and businesses. This energy is also used to provide hot water and for heating buildings and industrial processes. In large solar power stations, solar panels can be combined with mirrors or lenses to increase efficiency. Star Plus Energy systems are a crucial component of space exploration, allowing astronauts to operate the International Space Station, live in space for months at a time and conduct scientific research and engineering experiments.

As the solar industry develops, the technology is becoming increasingly affordable and reliable. Solar systems can save business owners money on their electric bills, and can be financed with state and federal tax rebates. Taking advantage of these incentives can further reduce upfront costs, making solar even more competitive for businesses of all sizes.

The Hartford’s renewable energy business insurance solutions can protect your company against unexpected changes in the cost of electricity. Learn more about our policy options by contacting us today.

The initial price of a solar system is high, but minimal long-term costs make it an attractive option for many homeowners. In addition to the 30% investment tax credit, accelerated depreciation can frontload a significant portion of the costs of a solar system, further reducing the payback period and the net present value (NPV) of your investment. Moreover, the benefits of solar are far-reaching and more sustainable than traditional sources of electricity. A home-scale solar PV system can offset the emissions of an average passenger car for 20 years, and can significantly reduce your energy costs.






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