Shutters North East

Shutters north east provide quality made to measure shutters, blinds and awnings for domestic and commercial customers across the North East of Scotland.

Window shutters add the perfect finishing touch to a home, whether you live in a period house or modern apartment. They are a luxurious alternative to traditional blinds that add a sophisticated look and offer superb light control. They’re the ideal solution for homes with large windows and garden rooms, but they can also be a stylish addition to smaller spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms. The louvres can be adjusted with ease to control and direct light. They also offer unrivaled privacy – perfect for rooms that are street-facing – and provide another layer of insulation at the window, reducing outside noise and heat loss.

The Northeast’s chilly winters and muggy summers can be hard on window treatments. You want a covering that can withstand humidity, harsh UV rays and extreme temperatures, but still keep your home comfortable without overworking your heating or air conditioning system. Fortunately, polywood shutters are the ideal solution for this climate. Their durable material resists humidity, smudges and fades better than wood or aluminum blinds, and it also insulates your windows up to 70% more efficiently than standard blinds.

We were asked to help the founders of this new business create a name that would embody their brand vision of premium, made-to-measure window shutters with a focus on inspirational design, quality materials and time-honed craftsmanship. The result is a name that speaks to their region’s heritage and history while clearly highlighting the products they offer. It also provides a strong resonation with their target market, helping them to establish immediate credibility and value in the local marketplace.






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