Selling Skills – The Skills That Salespeople Use to Connect With Customers

Selling skills are the abilities that salespeople use to connect with customers in ways that build trust and create value. These skills range from empathy to presentation to business acumen, and are critical for building long-term relationships with buyers and achieving sales goals.

To be effective, salespeople need to master a diverse set of skills and have the situational awareness to know when to use them in each conversation. That’s why, in our newly updated e-book, we break down the seven key sales techniques, and how to sharpen them with context and situational awareness to win your most important sales conversations.

Active Listening
Empathy is a critical skill that allows salespeople to understand their clients’ needs and emotions, even when they are not explicitly articulated (Verbeke, Dietz and Verwaal 2011). It’s also necessary for building a strong rapport with customers.

Demonstrating Return on Investment
Your salespeople need to be able to explain the value of your product or service to potential customers, particularly in complex cases where the ROI takes time to realize. This is where the business acumen skill comes into play, which helps salespeople shape their strategy based on an understanding of the client’s industry and the departments involved in the purchasing decision.

The ability to tell a compelling story about the value of a solution is another top sales skill, and one that separates Top Performers from The Rest. It’s a critical component of insight selling, which focuses on providing new ideas and perspectives throughout the sales process and encouraging buyers to approach them for advice and support. Freelance






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