Pure Kohl Eye Makeup

Pure Kohl is a special type of eye makeup (kohl / surma) that has medicinal and health benefits. It has been used since time immemorial and it is the only type of kohl that the prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam endorsed and recommended. It not only beautifies the eyes but it also cleans the eyes from dirt particles, germs and other harmful substances that can harm the eyes in the long run. In addition, it promotes the growth of eyelashes and nourishes them.

Kohl was widely used in Ancient Egypt not only for hygienic and cosmetic reasons but also for mystical, therapeutic and religious purposes9. Black or sometimes green kohls were applied by both men and women from all social classes for a wide range of occasions including weddings, Islamic festivals, daily trips to the mosque for Jumu’ah and daily prayer.

The analysis of 23 kohl specimens from across archaeological times and sites demonstrates that the compositions of these make-ups varied considerably. The majority of the samples analysed contain lead-based materials, but those that do not are surprisingly diverse. The composition of the silicates in kohls, primarily atacamite and pyrolusite, was particularly varied. Carbon-containing components, notably the aromatic markers identified in kohl UC7890b, can be attributed to organic binding material that may have been derived from a plant source(s).

One sample exhibited an exceptionally green colour and was found to consist largely of atacamite. The presence of calcium that could be attributed to calcite was recorded in two other samples. It is possible that these samples were prepared from a wood container and that the natural aromatics of the wood have diffused into the kohl over time. pure Kohl






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