Puerto Aventuras Yachts and Beach Clubs

Located along the Riviera Maya, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Puerto Aventuras is one of the most impressive marinas and condos developments in Mexico. A cosmopolitan town center surrounds the yacht-filled harbor, with all-inclusive resorts, luxury villas and beach clubs lining the crystalline waters. Its quaint seaside charm hasn’t diminished despite its huge growth as a tourist destination. The area has a unique history that spans the era of pirates and explorers to its present day as a beautiful vacation spot.

Visitors enter Puerto Aventuras through a secure, guarded entrance gate that’s manned around the clock, and drive past the golf course to arrive at the main marina. Restaurants, shops and a small marina boardwalk are centered around the boats moored in the harbor. The area is upscale with manicured grounds, tennis courts, impressive vacation homes and condos, but the ambiance remains friendly and relaxed.

The best way to enjoy the beaches is by boat, either on a private yacht for sunset cocktails and dinner or a snorkel tour in Ihna reef where you’ll find turtles, fishes and manta rays to swim alongside. This is an excellent option for families, kids and couples looking to make unforgettable memories in the Caribbean Sea while enjoying a cruise with drinks, music and comfortable areas.

In the downtown area you’ll find a few independently-owned cafes, a Starbucks and a handful of restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, most of them on the waterfront in front of the dolphin lagoon with magnificent views of the yachts and catamarans moored beyond the boards. The area also boasts a few bars that serve snacks and drinks during the day, and offer live music and dance parties on the weekends.

There’s a grocery store (Chedraui) in the strip mall on the highway junction that sells imported items, clothing and housewares, and is where buses and colectivo vans stop en route to Playa del Carmen or Tulum. There are also a few currency exchange locations and ATMs scattered around the community.

Most of the restaurants are clustered together in the vicinity of the main marina, and there’s a good choice of international cuisines to choose from. The most popular dishes are seafood-based, especially the ceviches and guacamole, although you’ll also find Mexican, Italian, American and Asian options.

A few shops sell jewelry, gifts and souvenirs, and there’s a small marina store with basic provisions for the boaters who stay here. A few salons offer hairdressing and massage services. The Maritime Museum of Puerto Aventuras is worth visiting for its collection of nautical artifacts, and there are two pharmacies as well as several convenience stores and gas stations. Most places accept both Mexican pesos and American dollars. Puerto Aventuras Yachts






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