Processed meat and red meat can increase disease

In India,Processed meat and red meat can increase disease Articles every 8 minutes a woman dies due to breast cancer and the risk of breast cancer is seen more in women aged 30-50 years.These figures have been released by The Pink Initiative (Breast Cancer India).These facts are not meant to make you nervous and worried.


However, the question arises as to why women die so fast instead of fighting breast cancer.


To avoid any disease, we all need to be healthy and to stay healthy it is necessary to eat nutritious food. In this article, we will learn how many times carnivores can also cause breast cancer.


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Why can processed meat and red meat increase breast cancer?

According to some research, eating red meat or processed meat regularly can increase the risk of cancer. According to a research, red meat or processed meat are carcinogenic, which increases the risk of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer and colon cancer. Over 42,000 women were monitored continuously for 7 years and it was found that high intake of red meat increased the risk of invasive breast cancer. At the same time, women who ate chicken  instead of red meat, found less risk of breast cancer.


Red meat or processed meat can be consumed as advised by a doctor or dietitian. But each person’s body responds differently. In such a situation, it is beneficial to take any food according to the needs of the body.


What other foods should not be consumed along with red meat or processed meat?



Fat – Not all fats are harmful to health, however, processed foods can increase the risk of fat  breast cancer. Therefore, food items like fried foods, frozen food or donuts should be banned.


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Follow these tips-



Eat a vitamin-rich diet and sit in the sun rays.



Drink 1-2 cups of green tea a day. The anti-oxidant present in it is beneficial for health.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the growth of cancerous cells present in the breast.

Eat nutritious food.

Exercise regularly or walk.

With all these, do not ignore the changes in the breast and contact the doctor as soon as possible.


Does red meat increase the risk of cancer


Several observational studies suggest that consumption of red meat may increase the risk of cancer. Red meat is believed to cause colorectal cancer, making it the fourth most commonly found cancer in the world. These studies have also revealed that eating processed meat and red meat increases the risk of cancer. While reviewing many studies revealed that red meat had a lower risk of colorectal cancer, then its effect was found on men. But women were outside its scope. Other studies have found that it is not just the cause of red meat cancer. Rather, the risk of cancer increases due to the harmful compound formed while cooking red meat. In this case, the method of cooking red meat is very important. It depends on whether it is going to be a store of nutrition for you or can cause cancer.


When it comes to the consumption of red meat, there are many myths spread about cancer. In October 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report stating that red meat “could possibly cause cancer for humans”, meaning there is some evidence that it may increase the risk of cancer is.


Additionally, the WHO concluded that processed meats (meat, in which changes are made through flavor, preservation, fermentation, smoking or other processes to enhance flavor or improve preservation) “negatively impact human health.” , Which means that there is sufficient evidence that the intake of processed meat increases the risk of cancer. fenbendazole capsules






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