Printing Images on Strips With the PowisPrinter and the PowisPrint Software

PowisPrint software allows you to include monochromatic,Guest Posting standard bitmap images (e.g., logos, scanned images, clip art) in your title design. It also automatically fits your image to the zone you put it in, according to the zone size and the book thickness. This article will provide you with simple instructions for inserting, formatting and deleting an image for use on Fastback strips.

Inserting Images

1. Select an empty zone by placing your cursor inside it. You cannot insert images into zones with text or another image. If you need to, you can create a new zone virtually anywhere on the strip. This will allow you to place an image wherever you want on your Fastback strip.

2. To insert an image, go to the Insert menu, and choose Image. The “Insert Image” dialog box opens.

3. Click the “Load Image” button. A standard Windows “Open file” dialog box appears.

4. Navigate to the folder containing the bitmap file you want to insert in your title design. Select the file and click “Open”. The image you selected now appears in the preview area in the “Insert Image” dialog box.

5. If you choose, rotate the image in 90° increments by clicking the up and down arrows next to the “Rotate Image” box. You can also invert the bitmap’s colors by clicking the “Invert Image” box. When the image is formatted correctly, click “OK.”

6. This returns you to the Design Window, which now displays the image you have inserted on the strip. The image automatically scales to fit the zone dimensions, and adjusts each time you make a dimension change to your design.

Formatting Your Image

1. Sizing: You can control the your image’s size by changing the zone boundaries. As the zone increases or decreases, the image adjusts to fit the new dimensions.

2. Aligning: You can align the image by pressing the left, center, or right alignment buttons on the lower tool bar in the Design Window.

3. Rotating: Once you’ve inserted an image on the Binderstrip, you can rotate it by selecting Rotate CW (ClockWise) or Rotate CCW (Counter ClockWise) from the Format Image menu. Each rotates the image in 90° increments. Keep in mind that as you rotate the image, its orientation changes.

4. Combining Images and Text: In this version of PowisPrint software, you can’t directly enter different fonts and styles in the same zone – You also can’t merge images and text in the same zone. However, you can do this by using a zone for each word, or creating your own bitmap image. Creating your own bitmap allows you to type your title exactly as you want it to look on your strip. All you do is open a drawing program, type your title and insert you image, save it as a bitmap, and then insert it on the strip. Just remember to keep your image in black and white (no shading or gradient). UI/UX Design Services






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