Pharma Shopping Online

Millions of Americans are being hit by skyrocketing drug costs. It’s not just people who don’t have insurance, but even many of those who do are struggling with rising deductibles and copays or finding their drugs aren’t covered anymore. They’re looking for a way to save money on their medications without having to drive or walk to the corner drugstore and face the crowds.

A quick internet search reveals hundreds of websites where consumers can buy their medications online for much less than they’d pay at the local drugstore or supermarket pharmacy. Most are legitimate, and some are large chains like CVS and Walgreens, but many others are smaller, locally-owned “mom and pop” pharmacies that are set up to do business online.

These sites help consumers easily compare drug prices at different locations and also offer discounts through digital coupons or discount cards. They usually ask for a valid prescription from a licensed doctor and also verify it through a verification system. They can also provide a summary of medication information and dosage instructions.

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Drug wholesalers purchase drugs from manufacturers and distribute them to a variety of customers, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and mail-order pharmacies. They typically sell to these customers at a discounted price based on their wholesale acquisition cost (WAC), plus any negotiated purchasing discounts. They can also provide a range of services, such as managing inventory and offering customer support.






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