Norcold Camper AC Refrigerators

A reliable refrigerator is a must for any camper or RV, especially for boondocking adventures. Norcold fridges are incredibly quiet and energy efficient, which makes them perfect for mobile applications such as RVs, trucks, boats or vans. They use less power than a traditional 3-way refrigerator (using at most 3.7A@12VDC) and they run on both 120V AC electricity and LP gas, giving you the ultimate freedom to choose the way you travel.

There are many RVs on the road today with Norcold 3-way refrigerators that are over 20 years old! Whether they were built in 1959 or 1997, these refrigerators continue to work just like the day they were new. Norcold RV refrigerators are made of high-quality materials, and they’re designed for a wide range of temperature conditions.

These compact Norcold refrigerators use a special absorption system that works slightly differently from other fridges in homes. Instead of using a compressor, these units use heat to run their cooling cycle. They’re also able to run on LP gas as well as 120V DC electric power, and they have low-voltage battery protection and high ambient temperature shut-down.

These fridges are very quiet, too – the brushless hermetically-sealed Danfoss BD-series compressor is exceptionally quiet, producing only a gentle hum. And the sealed casing is impervious to dust, dirt and humidity, so you can count on them for years of trouble-free cooling. You can even install them flush or proud-mount, to suit your specific storage space. norcold camper ac






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