Mushroom Cultivation Supplies

Whether you’re planning to grow mushrooms for profit or simply for fun, there are certain supplies that you need to keep in stock. A basic mushroom grow kit will provide everything you need to get started, but the exact items you’ll want to use will vary depending on the type of mushrooms you plan to cultivate and your specific growing methods.

For example, different species of mushrooms require different substrates. Some prefer sawdust while others prefer grain. In addition, some prefer to be grown on logs while others are better suited for bags that open at the top. In addition, there are several other supplies that will help you maintain a safe and effective cultivation environment including a thermometer and hygrometer.

A flow hood is also essential, as it cleans air of any bacteria or unwanted fungi that might enter your substrate and cause contamination. For indoor fruiting environments, you will also need a fan to circulate fresh air and prevent stagnation of the spore-inoculated substrate.

Other supplies you might want to have on hand include sterilized syringes for precise and controlled inoculation, alcohol burners or pressure cookers to sterilize your tools, scales for accurate measurements, and a clean scalpel for cutting off the fruiting caps when they’re ready for harvest. For those preparing to grow specialty mushrooms, you may also need to invest in filters patch bags to ensure contaminants are kept out of your sterilized substrate. Additionally, there are jar lid modifications that allow for gas exchange and injection ports while maintaining the sterility of your substrate for the optimum growth conditions of exotic mushrooms like lion’s mane or shiitake. Mushroom cultivation supplies






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