MMA Sparring Gloves

The fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) draws techniques from a variety of combat systems from around the world. In order to develop a well-rounded fighting style, fighters need to practice both striking and grappling. In order to do both of these things effectively, MMA fighters need gloves that are properly padded to protect the fighter’s hands, yet still allow them to feel the impact and work their punching and kicking combinations in sparring.

Dedicated mma sparring gloves are the happy medium between heavily padded boxing gloves that are used in professional fights and the bare-knuckle hand protection that most MMA grapplers prefer. They are small, open-fingered gloves that allow a free thumb and fingers, and they usually feature relatively thin padding on the knuckles. Most MMA fighters use a pair of 4-6 oz MMA sparring gloves in training and competition.

Because MMA gloves have a looser fit than most boxing gloves, it’s important that they are well fitted and don’t slip during hard sparring. This is why MMA trainers usually provide fighters with a range of different sized sparring gloves so that they can find the right pair to suit their own size and fighting style.

MMA gloves are also designed to be more flexible than other types of sparring gloves, in order to give the fighter more freedom when hitting the heavy bag and developing their ground-fighting skills. However, this increased flexibility can make it easier to accidentally poke an opponent’s eye during a sparring session. This is why most MMA trainers advise their fighters to wear a pair of short boxing wrist bandages under the gloves when training hard in MMA sparring. Gants mma sparring






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