Miles Morales Spider Man Mask

Miles morales spider man Mask
Let your kid save the world in their very own web-slinging hero costume! This Miles Morales roleplay mask is inspired by the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie and has light-up eyes that are sure to send super villains running for cover. With a flexible band that fits most kids, boys and girls ages 5 and up will love re-creating their favorite moments from Marvel entertainment or imagining their own Super Hero adventures.

Miles Morales isn’t your typical superhero. He deals with the regular pressure every teenager faces: keeping his grades up, missing his friend Gwen, and trying to keep his identity as a masked vigilante hidden from his anxious parents. But when he’s faced with a dangerous supervillain or an unexpected threat, he knows how to handle it. With his shocking Venom Strike and handy camouflage, Miles proves that he’s got the skills to be a true hero.

When your child puts on this plastic mask, they’ll have all the tools they need to become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man they’ve always dreamed of being. It’s a great way to complete their Miles Morales Spider-Man costume for Halloween or a superhero-themed birthday party.

Inspired by the character’s technology made from The Underground’s programmable matter, this sterling silver ring features pixel-like texture around the face and ring band and raised “web” details on the mask. It’s plated in gleaming black rhodium and hand-painted with dark red enamel. Miles morales spider man Mask






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