Mid Face Lift

The mid face lift, also known as the cheek lift, is a surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate the aging middle portion of the facial structure. This is the first area where signs of aging develop and often appear as a flattening of the cheeks, deepening of nasolabial folds or the appearance of festoons (hypertrophic or ptotic “bags” of the orbicularis oculi muscle). A well-executed mid face lift can reverse these changes for a refreshed, youthful-looking facial appearance.

The procedure involves making small incisions around the ears and hairline to tighten and smooth the muscles. Then, the cheek fat pads (malar) are elevated to a higher position that more closely matches the natural youthful contours of your face. Finally, excess skin is removed from the areas of heaviness, and the incisions are closed with sutures. After a few days of soreness, which is well controlled with oral pain medication, the majority of swelling and bruising will have subsided.

Those who are good candidates for this treatment are individuals with a healthy lifestyle who want to correct early signs of aging in the cheek and eyelid tissue. It is most frequently performed independently, but it may be part of a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses multiple areas affected by the aging process. It is not recommended for those who smoke or have a history of bleeding problems, as these patients may be at an increased risk for complications during surgery. midface lift






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