Micromax Bolt A26 price in India, Micromax Bolt A26 Features Stereo FM radio for music

June 2013 was the month that a wonderful and fascinating new mobile phone was released,Guest Posting the brand new Micromax Bolt A26 price in India at Rs. 3999. Micromax Bolt A26 price in India will impress you as it comes at the exceptional tag of Rs. 3999 and it is affordable by the majority of the Indian consumers. Micromax Bolt A26 is easy to use and it brings to you all the basic features of a smart phone with enhanced versatility and efficiency.Micromax Bolt A26 price in India is one that makes the handset available and affordable to all those who are on a shoe string budget and do not wish to spend a fortune on a mobile phone. The phone is loaded with a media player of great quality that will give you the chance to listen to your favorite tracks wherever you are. Micromax Bolt A26 media player also supports video playback.Micromax Bolt A26 review is a fine and interesting one as the phone is a fantastic and impressive handset that is cheap and efficient. The handset is endowed with a Stereo FM Radio with RDS that enables you to listen to your favorite music and news stations whether you are at home, at work or on the go.  Micromax Bolt A26 can also give you the opportunity to download new tracks from the Google Play Store so that you can have your track list updated daily.Micromax Bolt A26 features an internal memory of 202 MB that is not a particularly impressive figure but it is useful nonetheless. The external memory of the handset though can be expanded with the use of a microSD card that can actually take storage capacity to a higher level as it can get up to 16 GB. Micromax Bolt A26 is a fascinating mobile phone that has some excellent and impressive characteristics.    M8 bolt size






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