Matter Residences in Singapore

The project matter residences is located at 7 Mattar Road in district 14. The low-rise 5-storey new condo has 26 units. It is developed by Singapore’s reputable developer L.K.Ang Construction and designed by renowned architect AGA Architects. The project is close to Macpherson MRT station.

Matter aims to reduce smart-home device fragmentation, improve interoperability and security, and make it easier to set up automations that work across multiple devices. It uses a mesh technology that works on your home Wi-Fi network and is encrypted using banking-standard cryptography. That means that if one device in the network goes down, the others will continue to communicate and automate.

In addition to connecting devices, Matter also makes it easy to control them using a single app or voice assistant, regardless of which ecosystem you use. That’s a major step forward from the days when you had to download and run a different app for each smart-home ecosystem.

The big four major smart-home ecosystems — Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings — all support Matter and can act as Matter controllers. You can also choose your own Matter controller, such as a third-party app or the home-controlling apps for devices from companies like TP-Link, Aqara and Nanoleaf.

The only thing missing from Matter at launch is support for Bluetooth-only devices that don’t rely on bridges or hubs to function. That means smart locks, light bulbs and switches from companies like Eve Systems and GE Cync, as well as many other Bluetooth-only products, won’t be upgraded to work with Matter until manufacturers release over-the-air updates that enable them to do so. That could happen as early as 2023. matter residences






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