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What do M3U Files Look Like?

M3U is a text file saved with “.m3u” filename extension for emailing or for listening to Internet radio. M3U file may contain a multimedia playlist or URLs or some pathnames to the media files and/or folders.  M3U file is not an actual file. It has a stream which is often used in downloading from a website. That is why the M3U files we have are quite small,M3U Converter: Convert M3U Files to MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF etc. Articles most in Kbyte.

Here are 3 examples of M3U from Wiki for you to better know what M3U file is.


Example 1


Example 2


Example 3

How to Play M3U Files without Limitation?

Now we have a general idea of what M3U file is from the above examples. However, we still meet these questions: How to deal with M3U files in our hand? How to play M3U audios? How to convert M3U files to other formats so that we can enjoy M3U files with no device limitation? Do not worry. The following article will show you two high-efficiency ways to convert .m3u files for playing.

Method 1: Convert M3U Files to MP3, FLAC or OGG with VLC Media Player

Get VLC media player from .videolan.org. Open VLC Media Player when finishing installation. Click here to see stpe by step guide: convert M3U to MP3, FLAC or OGG with M3U Converter

Warning Tips:

(1)  VLC media player needs a stable network to convert or stream M3U files. If there is a little unstable of the network or your files are quite big, the converting will be interrupted or crashed quite easily. It has to be started from the beginning again which is quite annoying.

(2)  Besides, the converted files only in MP3, OGG and FLAC formats, so if you need to convert M3U files or other video/audio files to some mainstream formats, you will fail. What is worse, files from VLC media player cannot be played on any devices freely sometimes due to the special audio codec.

Therefore, in order to solve these questions, it is a better choice to stream M3U files to MP3 or OGG or FLAC with VLC media player just one time and then convert these exported files to other formats with a stable M3U converter for more devices. Free File Upload






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