IVF in Cyprus – What You Need to Know

The island of Cyprus is a hidden gem. It’s safe, affordable and boasts a wealth of historical ruins to visit. It also makes an ideal overseas destination for fertility treatments. Sago IVF Team is proud to positively represent outstanding fertility treatment in the stunning North of Cyprus. Get in touch online now to find out more about how we can help you achieve your dreams of parenthood!

IVF treatment in Cyprus is available for female and male patients, and is suitable for women of all ages. For the first phase of the process, our fertility experts will review your test results and recommend a treatment program based on your needs. An individualized treatment plan will then be created for you which will include a detailed medical itinerary, daily tasks and medications to be taken.

During the IVF process, your ovaries will be stimulated with a combination of FSH and LH injections to grow multiple follicles. During the process, your gynecologist will monitor your progress by administering regular scans. Once the follicles have grown to the desired size, an injection will be administered to prevent premature ovulation (hCG trigger). This will keep the eggs in your ovaries until they are ready to be collected at our clinic in Cyprus.

If you are using donor eggs, a sperm analysis will be performed to ensure that there is sufficient sperm for fertilization. The ivf cyprus centre will use intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for every treatment, which increases your chances of pregnancy by eliminating issues such as low sperm count or blockage. ivf cyprus






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