How to Use Nipple Shields for Breastfeeding

For a lot of breastfeeding mothers, nipple shields are a game-changer. They can ease pain during nursing, help baby latch on, and even prevent nipple burns. And they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit the different types of breastfeeding moms.

But nipple shields aren’t right for every woman, and long-term use can actually decrease a mother’s supply. That’s why it’s important to talk with a lactation consultant if you think you need to use one, as they can guide you through how to properly use a nipple shield while breastfeeding and can help you determine the best solution for your situation.

When looking for the best nipple shield, try to find one that’s easy to clean. You’ll want to sterilize it before each use. And make sure it fits well and isn’t pinching or damaging your nipples. It’s also a good idea to ask a friend or lactation consultant about their favorite models to get their recommendations.

To help the shield stick better to your nipple, flip it halfway inside out before applying it. Then, put your nipple into the dimple at the end. Some moms have also found that putting a little lanolin ointment around the edges of their nipple shield helps it stay in place.

While nipple shields can be useful short-term, it’s always best to try and latch without them. And when you’re ready to stop using them, it’s a good idea to start off each feed with the shield in place and then quickly remove it once you’ve noticed your baby starts showing signs of fullness. nipple shields for breastfeeding






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