How to Use Fun Ice Breaker Questions to Get Everyone Involved

Whether you are welcoming new participants or trying to break the ice in a group, fun ice breaker questions can help you get everyone involved. They can also be used to move into deeper topics more quickly and easily. For example, you can invite participants to discuss a trait or concept that they believe everyone in the group should know about each other. Using these types of activities is especially beneficial for new groups, as it can help them feel safe and connected.

You can also use these icebreakers for virtual teams to build trust and encourage collaboration. In these types of situations, it can be more difficult to establish psychological safety, so using more lighthearted icebreakers like this can be helpful.

For instance, you can ask people to share something they find funny about themselves in a video or photo that they bring to the session. You can even use this to build a more diverse team by inviting them to share from their cultural background.

Another great icebreaker activity is to invite people to draw their life as a map using common symbols or signs that they might see on a road or highway. The first person to finish can then share their map with others in the group.

You can also try this activity by asking people to bring their keys. Then, one by one they can share about the city or area where the key was made or a special place it represents on their keychain, such as their home or workplace.






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