How to Make an Increase Salary Request

How to Make an Increase salary request
Most career experts will tell you that asking for a raise should be done in person, but that’s not always feasible. Often, your boss will need to check budgets, speak with HR and draft the necessary documents before a pay rise becomes official. In those cases, a well-organised email outlining your arguments can be useful.

Begin by introducing yourself and your position within the company, along with how long you’ve worked for the business. Then, state the purpose of your letter, which should be to ask for a raise in salary. Then, outline the general amount of the raise you are requesting – either an exact dollar figure or a percentage increase. Be careful to remain as tactful as possible in your opening, and avoid sounding demanding. Rather, aim high – your manager may decide that you are right on target and will agree to the number you have put forward.

List your most prominent accomplishments and the value that those achievements add to the company. Try to be as specific as possible, and only include achievements that have occurred since your last salary review. Try to provide concrete examples, such as quotas exceeded or money saved/earned by the company.

Lastly, explain why you feel that the raise is justified, and how it will benefit both you and the company. This is a good time to discuss any future career goals that you have and how a higher salary will help you achieve those. Increase salary request






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