How to Create Beautiful Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art has been gaining popularity as a relaxing hobby for adults and children. It requires minimal and inexpensive materials, and can yield beautiful results. It’s been around for centuries, and is believed to have originated in Renaissance Europe. Today, artists like Yulia Brodskaya are taking the art to the next level by transforming ordinary strips of paper into wondrous works of art.

Quilling is a delicate craft that requires a steady hand and attention to detail. Over time, practicing this technique can help improve concentration and accuracy, which can have positive effects in other aspects of life. This is especially true for younger helpers, who can use their heightened focus to develop better fine motor skills, helping them in school, sports, and other activities that require precision.

When creating your own quilling designs, it can be helpful to start with a pattern or template. You can find these on the internet or in quilling kits, or you can create your own. Using a pattern helps to guide the placement of your first coils and prevents you from getting lost in the process of rolling and shaping. It can also be useful to draw out your design before you begin, especially for more complicated projects.

When you are ready to stick your pieces down, it is recommended to use a glue that will not leave marks on the paper. For best results, the glue should be applied to the edge of the piece rather than on the surface of the paper. Once the pieces are securely attached, they should be allowed to dry before handling. Paper Quilling Art






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