How to Choose the Right Moving Company

A moving company—also known as a removalist, van line, or carrier—provides

transportation services for your belongings to get from one place to another. This

can include local, long-distance, or international moves and storage, as well as

specialty services such as packing, crating, and auto transport. Companies can be

large and national, or small and independently owned. In either case, it’s important

to compare movers’ price points and services offered when selecting the right one

for your specific needs.

A great starting point for comparison shopping is getting a few estimates from

different umzugsfirmen. This will give you a good idea of rates in your area and

can help you spot discrepancies in pricing. For example, some companies may offer

similar pricing for self-service moves, but have much higher costs for specialized

item handling or insurance policies. It’s also helpful to know whether a mover offers

full-service or labor-only options, as they will differ in hourly rates and minimum


Regardless of which type of moving company you select, it’s important to ask about

their licensing and registration requirements. Most states have a department of

transportation or public service commission that keeps track of license numbers and

complaints. The American Moving and Storage Association also used to offer a

ProMover certification, which is a good indication that a company meets industry


When choosing a moving company, consider their schedule and availability. Some

companies only operate on certain days of the week, such as Saturdays or Sundays.

If you need a weekend move, make sure to find out if they have any openings and

can accommodate your schedule.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some movers are carriers while others are

brokers. This will have a big impact on your move cost, so it’s important to

understand the difference. Brokers act as middlemen, and will usually hand you off

to a third-party carrier to handle your move’s details. The carrier, on the other hand,

will handle your entire move from start to finish.

Lastly, check a mover’s liability coverage and workers’ compensation policy. Both

are crucial for a stress-free move, and you can reduce your risk by only working with

reputable companies. You can also minimize your risk by only using movers who

provide full value protection, which covers the cost of your items up to their actual

replacement value.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mover, look no further than Liberty Moving &

Storage. Their nearly 8 decades of experience have helped New Yorkers move

around the city and across the country with minimal stress. In addition to their

affordable rates, the company holds its employees to the highest standards and

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