How to Calculate a Word Per Minute Test Score

A strong typing speed makes it easier to complete various types of tasks. Whether you are an office worker, customer service agent or transcriptionist, fast typing saves you time and allows you to focus on other duties. This is especially important in jobs that require high typing accuracy, such as data entry clerks and transcriptionists. Advanced typing skills also provide a competitive edge in job search.

The number of words a person can type in one minute is usually expressed as their word per minute (WPM) typing test score. WPM is a common metric for measuring typing speed, but it’s also important to note that accuracy is equally as important.

Many online WPM tests only calculate a students’s typing speed in terms of their WPM, and not their accuracy. However, to get the most accurate picture of a student’s typing ability, teachers should ask them to print out their timings and circle any errors they make during the test. This will give a more realistic view of their typing abilities, and also provide teachers with a much more valuable data point for improving their typing skills.

To determine a student’s WPM, the total number of words typed is multiplied by their typing accuracy percentage. Then, the resulting number is divided by the total number of minutes the test was taken in to get a person’s WPM. In addition to typing speed, this calculation can also be used to determine a person’s total number of words corrected in one minute, or their WPCM. words per minute test






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