How to Advertise Your Business Using Corporate Giveaways

The market is fierce and most of the time it is the strongest company that thrives and outlives competitors. There is no single strategy in putting your name out there for the public to realize your existence. Most huge companies utilize advertising firms to help them get their names broadcasted via media [TV, radio, internet, and others], publications and billboards. But for some companies, especially the smaller ones, they usually rely on faith and creativity to make some buzz and to make themselves known.

The competition between brands and businesses is somehow too difficult to penetrate. Gaining a leading edge over the others if you are a small company is close to never. With a little budget on hand and no voice, it is difficult to catch the public’s attention if you are doing it on your own.

But did you realize that even small companies have made it in business with a small budget and tremendous amount of effort?

The key is persistence and creativity.

Smaller companies utilize what some huge companies disregard these days. Corporate giveaways have always been a good strategy for many companies- big and small. But some have forgotten about it because their names have become popular and sales become second to nature.

Corporate giveaways are always great for companies that are just starting out. There are many events where giveaways can be handed out to potential clients such as conventions, exhibits and promotional tours. Normally for some companies, they give away samples of their products.

Companies that manufacture food products would go to schools to promote and impart samples of their products to students. One good example is dairy products. In some countries, it is often anticipated by school children when that time of the school year a huge truck with large barrels of cold chocolate drinks are handed out during break time. Of course the kids love it and most often they’ll tell their moms about it. That’s one way of passing on the torch of advertising to the households for these food companies. Others offer free taste tests in supermarkets and some would go an extra mile by giving away a small packaged sample- your not-so-regular corporate giveaway, but it is a freebie that can tap the potential customer to buy the product.

As for conventions and business exhibits, pens, mugs, key chains and other small items can be given away. These handy items may not be the company’s products, but they carry out the logos and brand name that potential clients can bring home. Giving away these gift items, no matter how mundane, is a crucial part of your advertising strategy. Even though not every curious onlooker is a potential client, he/she is just one factor that can spread the news about your product and/or your name. Advertising without the use of media is sometimes more effective when spread by word of mouth, so utilize the potential of a curious person, an onlooker or an invited attendee even if he/she is not connected to a certain company.

When it comes to companies that you have built ties with, it is important that you build your business with them even though you have managed to provide them with your products months or years ago. Don’t stop sending them corporate giveaways just because they’ve purchased and you’ve earned profits from them.

Keeping in touch especially during the holiday season gives past clients the impression that you are still in business and can be reached out. Always think of the possibilities that these clients can recommend your company to other huge companies needing your products and services just because they remembered you when you sent them a set of mugs or pens that have your logo and name. goodies entreprise






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